Fruit booters, basically means a blader. Like aggressive skating, and the term comes from when there werent inline skates. They used to wear quads, with different coloured wheels, like the colours of the fruit. Hence the term "Fruit Booter".
Skaters, or wood pushers, who used skateboards and Fruit booters do not usually get on.
A piece of footwear, with 4 wheels inline, that users wear to pull of tricks, so a person who wears inline skates is called a fruit booter (fruit booters)
by Nick Farrell May 07, 2006
A negative insult to Rollerbladers givin by skateboarders.

Rollerbladers are not people who fail at skateboarding. Most of them have never had any intrest in it.
Skateboarder: Bladers are gay. Fucking fruit booter.

Rollerblader: *pop*
by SoundOfSilence July 10, 2008
A poser in the rollerblading world, or that one annoying ass bitch that drops into a quarterpipe 3 ft high and thinks that he is the best thing that ever happend to the sport and makes fun of all the other rollerbladers who are just starting and putting forth an effort to the sport.
I am a skaterboarder and I have friends that rollerblade. They can backlip in the halfpipe and I have total respect for them, along with total respect for those that put an effort towards rollerblading. its those stuck up bitches that act like they are the best or think that you arent a decent human being because you're a skateboarder right off the bat.
by Patrick November 09, 2004
Only the coolest people on earth. Because we can take insults.
Yea I am a fruitbooter, so what.
by Solecon January 02, 2005
1. A member of an elite subculture.

2. Somebody who enjoys rollerblading.

3. One who is hated by skateboarders and bmxers for no reason other than our choice in activities.

4. One of the coolest people on earth.
Guy 1: "Man, I wish I could be a fruitbooter."
Guy 2: "Go ahead."
Guy 3: "Nevermind." *kickflip*
by Doornail April 03, 2005
an insult used by certain (not all) immature skaters who think its cool to hate rollerbladers. of course, they're just jealous of the fact that rollerbladers can grind handrails and do tricks that actually impress girls
the skater, trying to be cool, called the blader a fuitbooter. the blader just laughed at the immature twat and left him skating the ledge. meanwhile the rollerblader went and grinded the triple kink handrail round the back.
by mofo69 November 11, 2004
rollerblader, under rated
name given by fuckhead skateboarders hating on everyone that dont do theyre sport, get over it. u havent seen proper rollerblading, just kids. hate the wannabes, townies and burberry. skateboarding gets respect cause ive seen real skateboarding, none of u have seen real rollerblading
by fruitboot May 06, 2004
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