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A shortened word used to describe people who are freak shows. Over dramatic, weird, needy, delusional people. Ones that are screaming for attention, and the need to be heard. Everything offends them.
She is such a OCD frow. She wears gloves to go into a public restroom.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife January 16, 2009
1. Abbreviation for 'furrowed brow' - used when someone is looking overly serious/confused/worried and is accentuating this with a furrowed brow.

2. Combination of forehead and brow. Usage is the same as the definition above.
Is everything OK, man? What's with the heavy frow?
by vicbitter October 24, 2010
To furrow your brows, like when you are confused, or perplexed.
She frows at her computer every time it freezes.

by NiK Kacy March 18, 2009
A lazy mexican woman, living in Southern California, in her early to mid 30's, who lays around the house all day and does nothing but spend someone elses money because she doesn't work.
That Lisa sure is a frow.
by BigShotBobby June 20, 2005
The unimaginable union of a cow and a frog, combined to create the most scary mammal/amphibian in the world.
Dude 1- Whatcha doin'?

Dude 2- Just milkin' ma frow.
by i'mchuckbass September 11, 2010
An exclamation you say when you jab someone's underarm to cause a momentary tickle or discomfort. Said in a high pitched tone.

circa 2003
His brother was playing Grand Turismo 3 when he jabbed at him and said, "Frow!"
by Lu March 03, 2004
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