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a phrase used by people to cut out part of a story that is not necessary, so that they can get to the meat of the story.

Usually used when people are talking about how they got a guy/girl in the sack.
joe: How did it go last night with whatshername ?

Cramer: We went bowling and one thing led to another and I ended up on top of her in my bed with her screaming !
by Vito August 16, 2004
verb. to be getting high, or being high. noun. frotsyness is weed.
bro we got some sick frostyness last night, and then get got mad frosty from it.
by Vito October 28, 2007
A Fuckin Cock Sucker
xXxVitoxXx: what r u doin cody?
Hyper Cody: Not much, just suckin a dick
by Vito April 15, 2005
a fat guy who plays counterstrike and sweats while he does it and never goes outside and his over grown
damn look hes a quas get away from him
by vito February 27, 2005
the hottest and most wanting to beat mikes head in to make it right again.
Think of the hottest guy in the world and that me but 10times better
by Vito June 11, 2004

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