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Even the strong smell of burning frop can't get rid of Scarfman's rotten egg stink!
by pentozali October 08, 2011
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What is in the pipe of Bob.
by Eris July 23, 2003
Combination of "frat hop" - To visit multiple fraternity houses on campus in a night.
"What's going on this weekend around campus?"
"A few fraternities are having parties tomorrow night, we can just frop around and see."
by Fropster February 01, 2013
the state of looking shabby or frumpy.
That girl is looking mad frops today, maybe she didn't take a shower.
by gmarie98 October 08, 2011
A rarely used word describing how one person loves another so much that they'd walk around the world 100 times over just to see them.
by bamela August 08, 2011
A "synonym" for drop. It's actually a typo, but it's a such a common typo that people tend to use it in their everyday vocabulary.
Merlee: Yo!
Tyler: Oh my god, Merlee you made me frop my laptop!
Merlee: Did you just say frop?!

Tyler: Huh? Oh! I mean drop.
by Merlumina Wishine March 26, 2010
The act of frolicking and flailing your limbs wildly.
Edmund and I are going fropping in the meadows later on, care to join?
by hooker. October 26, 2008

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