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Fucked by dropping.
I fropped my Nokia... so had to actually walk to Pizza Palace.
by ouchmyphone June 28, 2010
The state of mind you ascend to when inhaling the smoke of burning frop.
Or just another word for getting baked.
By "Bob" I'm so fropped now!
by tew March 03, 2006
1.) To be excited or hyped up.

2.) To be turned on, or sexually aroused
3.) Synonym for getting "RekT"
Dan: "Wow I'm just so fropped right now!"
Ronald: "Why's that?"
Dan: "Alyssa asked me to me to prom!"
Ronald: "Wow you're a fag, the guy is suppose to ask out the girl. Man up Dan."


Kevin: "Wow HD Porn really gets me fropped!"
Ben: "Really Kevin? We all know you're gay af. Everything gets you fropped."

Lame COD player: "Get no fropped nerd! Get RekT!
Other COD player: "Stop being a homo."
by LycanTheThrope April 23, 2015
a strategially confusing way of explaining a dropping action, comonnly used when typing on msn
mum cracked the shits at me cos i fropped milo on the ground
by L!SS July 16, 2005
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