frop is a word that can be substituted for any cuss word in the american language and make sense. is a summation of all rudeness and derogatoryness while still useful in a classroom environment
that class is fropped up
frop that shit
that dudes a fropper
this taco tastes like frop
my froppin teacher assigned a fropload of hw
by tittymonkey December 01, 2009
the act of being pissed off. can also me used when ever you are angry at someone or something
yesterday i was fropped when that nigger stole my tv
by Fantasia DeepJugs February 29, 2008
A fruit roll up fruit snack.
A small child yells out during a wedding after running out of fruit snacks to eat and sustain her silence: Mo frops, Ma!!!
by Lovey 85 February 07, 2008
Fat Rolls Over Pussy-not fat roll over the pussy(penis). FROP was coined by Mike Ashley and Joe Nunez in 1989.

This not the same a as FUPA (front upper pussy area).
She's got frop. She's fropulous.
by mashley00 August 21, 2009
to slap one in the face with your penis
Jack fropped Jill because he thought it was funny, but Jill didn't like it because she thought that being fropped was degrading. Needless to say, Jack didn't get any that night.
by not Jack May 03, 2005
to verbally bash someone, untill mentally wounded.
don't make me frop yo' ass in front of everyone.
by The DPLA January 15, 2007
fat role over the pussy
Don't marry that chick. Did you see the size of her mother's frop. You'll be doomed.
by ireilly November 07, 2003

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