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7 definitions by Eris

A derogatory term for a bureaucrat or other order-obsessed person. This word is used almost exclusively by practitioners of the Discordian religion.
I almost made it back out but this fucking greyface had to stop me and ask what I was doing goose-stepping naked around the cafeteria at four in the morning.
by Eris June 22, 2003
What is in the pipe of Bob.
by Eris July 23, 2003
A derogatory term used by Discordians to refer to people who don't "get it". This stems from the Discordian belief that 85% of the "human" population is actually cabbages disguised as humans.
Let's go confuse some cabbage!
by Eris June 22, 2003
Refers to the way a person, usually a woman, looks. Hotter than a hottie. The combination of the phrase way sexy.
"That girl is just so swexy."
by Eris October 03, 2004
A very dangerous religion
All discordians are anarchistic terrorist
by Eris February 09, 2003
a heterosexual female who pretends to be bisexual or lesbian for attention
anne heche is such a fucking lollipop!
by Eris January 16, 2005