When a man dips his balls into a woman's vagina then rest his nuts on her nose while she licks his choad.
I plan on frolfing my girl tonight... Good thing she's freaky!
by The For Finger Frolf May 08, 2009
Top Definition
frisbee golfing
Did you get a new frisbee for frolfing?
by forwardsssssssssssssssssssss September 02, 2008
A sport for the stoners. For those who have nothing to do but blaze then throw frisbees at giant cups. A very fun and entertaining sport for those who are usually high as fuck. Kids at East Grand Rapids like to cruise Ada then make there way over to Kentwood to frolf.
Dude let's hit up Ada then go frolfing!
by blazerblazer June 16, 2011
Guzzling the brown bubbly feces-laced lube that drips out of someone's anus after pegging.
First she pegged him, then she started frolfing.
by schlockmeier September 17, 2007
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