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a man who recieved a strap on dildo in the ass from a woman
Jake was pegged from behind by Jane.
by Joe June 28, 2004
Being struck with an object which someone else threw at you, such as a tennis ball, dodge ball, football, crumpled up piece of paper.
Dude, Jack was walking to his car and I pegged him with a tennis ball in the back of the head.
by andrew82 January 17, 2008
For a CPU (Central Processing Unit, the most important part of a computer), to be overloaded with work.

Most commonly this will results in lags for other processes.
Buffer timed out (is the CPU pegged?) -- Android AudioTrack log output
by vinntec December 15, 2011
To hang around local bars and take home easy good looking women
That girl at that bar last night totally got Pegged when she left
by xggggg November 12, 2011
To drive so fast that the speedometer needle hits the peg that stops it from going round and round.
Dude, you hit 110 and pegged it!
by DanO February 23, 2005
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