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To engage in the act of felching, but instead of using oral suction to induce ejection from the vagina or anus, the frolfer uses a hard gutpunch or Heimlich-type maneuver to induce violent, eruptive ejection of said fluid(s) into the waiting mouth.

Or a portmanteau for "frisbee" and "golf"
Sharky loved the taste of fresh santorum but was too high to make his mouth work, so he frolfed Mr. Myers's asshole after cumming.
by Vegan Ray October 03, 2011
173 62
Frolf, frisbee golf. Golf with a frisbee.
I'm gonna play frolf.
by Adam Lenhart April 02, 2003
234 182
Shortened term for frisbee golf. Also used as a verb.
Do you want to frolf?
I just got done frolfing.
by Joe B September 24, 2003
125 147
Frolf is a common nickname for disc golf; a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.
Jason: Dude lets go frolf!

Chris: Alright dude, meet me at the park later.
by jh64 May 30, 2009
48 75
Also known as frisbee golf, fris dylan, or disc golf. Its the signal or excuse to go smoke weed
Fuck school! Let's go frolf it up.
by Magic Money Maker September 18, 2011
12 46
A word that is a mix of two (Frisbee and Golf). Often used as a verb and other parts of speech in substitution for another word.
"Dude I frolfed that chick last night!"
"Are you frolfing me?"
"Why the frolf would I be frolfing to you?"
by thepilotboy February 02, 2010
14 49
n. a slang term for frisbee golf uncommonly known in most parts of the country; often used by slick bikers in Traverse City named Meagan.
(v. frolfing)
v. Hey, you wanna go frolfing?
Yea, just let me go stick these tassels on my bike first!
by That pastey white girl August 08, 2005
21 86