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Also know as Disc golf, Frisbee golf, or D-golf.

Frolf is a sport - essentially golf with Frisbees instead of golf balls. Players throw disks smaller than a normal Frisbee with the goal of landing a disk into a basket in as few throws as possible.
"No, I don't want to go golfing dude, that's for old rich guys. Let's go frolf for free at the park."
by Mr Member August 15, 2014
To engage in the act of felching, but instead of using oral suction to induce ejection from the vagina or anus, the frolfer uses a hard gutpunch or Heimlich-type maneuver to induce violent, eruptive ejection of said fluid(s) into the waiting mouth.

Or a portmanteau for "frisbee" and "golf"
Sharky loved the taste of fresh santorum but was too high to make his mouth work, so he frolfed Mr. Myers's asshole after cumming.
by Vegan Ray October 03, 2011
A term for drinking alcohol or getting drunk. Similar to the term Frisbee, or getting high. Frolf, or Frisbee golf, is very similar to Frisbee, much like getting high is very similar to getting drunk.
"Hey, dude. Did you get frolfed last Friday?"
"Fuck yeah. I think had at least five beers, bro."
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
Shortened term for frisbee golf. Also used as a verb.
Do you want to frolf?
I just got done frolfing.
by Joe B September 24, 2003
Frolf is a common nickname for disc golf; a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.
Jason: Dude lets go frolf!

Chris: Alright dude, meet me at the park later.
by jh64 May 30, 2009
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