1 verb; to orally rape to death; as a horny chimpanzee would a frog locked in with it. (see also: Crazy frog meets curious george on Youtube.)

3 Noun; The person who gets the worse end of any arrangement.

3 Noun; a French person.
"These noobs think they know how to play? I'm going to frog 'em & send them home to their mamas."
by Bartholemew Cubbins June 07, 2011
To sell something in China
I need some money so I am frogging my raptop
by Eric The Read September 08, 2010
Used as a noun in a sexual context: To grab one's head and pry their mouth open, with your hands, wide enough to insert your penis into their mouth. Once penis is inserted, take your hands and grab their head pushin' it back and forth till you bust a nut.
"DD, let's frog"

"Bryan removed his cock from Stephanie's Virgina, and started froggin' her."

Dave "Bryan froged the hell out of that chick with DD watching in the room."
by CHIMPANDFROG June 28, 2010
an abbreviation for 'dead frog' used as the name give to a female when she doesn't do anything during sex in the missionary position.
'Why don't you make an effort when im on top Jill? You just lie there like a (dead) frog...'
by wimissick October 23, 2009
See cody
hi frog.
by Bosspanda November 02, 2009
The absolout most turtle like anphibian in the Atlantic Ocean. However it is ONLY superior in the Atlantic Ocean; the shrimp is superior in the Pacific Ocean.
You: 'I'm the frog!'
Me: 'I'm the shrimp!'
You: 'I thought we were in the Atlantic Ocean?'
Me: 'Nope! Pacific. HAH!! I want grapes.'
by Ami Smiles May 12, 2009
a male who is cute on the outside but really ugly as hell on the inside. which makes them really ugly!
ew look at the frog thinking he cute.
by nadia ovens July 02, 2009

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