French person from france or Quebec (pepper).
Father: What does a cow say?
Daughter: Moo
Father: What does a frog say?
Daughter: Alloo
by Anglomontrealer June 11, 2010
Faithfully Relying On God!!!
wristbands bracelets slambands
by GOD March 13, 2005
Another name for Harry Styles.
"I love my frog son (:"
"Frog, as in Harry"
by paintednjh August 02, 2015
A girl/boy that goes from person to person in a relationship and cant stay on one person (people are lily pads)
Kristen is a frog she hops from guy to guy!
by MNR15 May 24, 2015
A hybrid between a forum and a blog: either a blog that commentators treat as a forum, or a forum treated as a blog.

Originated with BBC Radio 4's PM Blog, possibly due to the very first entry, which more or less invited "off-topic" comments...

"Testing, testing.

If this works I'll think about actually writing something tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by."
Have you written anything on the frog?
by mittfh February 12, 2010
Finished Room over Garage. like the ultimate Bonus Room, this is rented out as a suite or even complete studio apartment.

The next step in bachelor living, once you've graduated from dorm-style living to shared house and are now ready for the semblance of having your own place. One of the most basic forms of bachelor pad, but none the less enviable when done right. A sign you've made it in the world.
Level 1 Bachelor: hey Fly Honeys, let's call it a night and go to my place.
Fly Honeys: You can't take me to your homeboy's place while your homeboys are there.
Level 9 Bachelor: Fly Honeys, I invite you to the master suite of my little place, a most excellent FROG on Oak St.
Fly Honeys: Yeah, let's do the wild thing!
by TheGoyWonder September 16, 2013
frog describes the hollowing on certain types of building bricks.
usualy the hollow side is placed face down during construction. Accrinton bricks have a well defined frog.
by DIZZYskin December 10, 2007
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