A formidable blast from the spunk trumpet where the ladies cheeks puff out like a bullfrog's.
Dude I was with Katie last night. Yea how was she? Oh man the night was going good until I performed the frog. She choked and then wqashed her mouth out with water.
by The Burt of Punta Dilla Shorts December 21, 2006
An acronym for First Round Of Golf
Person A: I heard person C did their FROG today!
Person B: Yeah, they were crap! I was there
by JaredZ November 14, 2006
verb. To punch or kick in the testicles.
Stop swinging that purse! You trying to frog me?
by L'editrix May 16, 2007
A word that replaces the word 'Dog' and you just further say 'Whatsup Dog' to a dog passing by you on the street, and 'Whatsup Frog' to friends or other people
Hey Jimmy, whatsup my frog
by Levarious Thompson August 16, 2007
kyulee who does not listen to her husband, and looks very slutty when she tries to show everything to the public
When Kyulee is a frog she is a person, who wears a mini-skirt and tank top which seems to send the message, wether the wearer likes it or not, "I'm a hooker. Take me now.",
by raymond chen February 16, 2006
A handsome prince waiting to be kissed by a beautiful princess.
She gently touched the frog with her lips and suddenly before her, there stood a handsome prince.
by Princess Bride May 09, 2004
FROG is a Christian epithet for Fully Relying On God. It's much like the epithet WWJD: What Would Jesus Do.
Your faith is rather void unless you FROG.
by Nakia March 14, 2005

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