Fully rely on God!!
When the devil has you cornered, FROG!
by Sunday School Mama March 20, 2009
Acronym for "fucking ran out of gas," used especially in nursing homes to explain when an old man or lady dies.
"Did you hear about old lady Smith? She frogged last Tuesday."
by Redheadwriter March 23, 2007
to rough around with or beat somebody up
Man you just frogged the shit outta that guy!

Guy 1: What's that guy looking at?
Guy 2: I dunno but if he does it again i'll frog the shit out of him.
by joadam June 24, 2009
Players who constantly jump up and down in order to try avoiding being hit.
Peter: "I'm tired of all those damn frogs on Halo 3."
John: "Did you try a sticky or a shotgun to take them out?"
by Joshua "Kaiine" Sims April 12, 2008
An amphibious water creature, and also the best thing ever. Frog.
by Trafton September 12, 2003
Arrogant French who boo their own players in Football and Rugby whenever they are losing. (they also happen to stink from all their garlic munching and lack of showers) Have no patriotism when the going is bad. Will eat anything they can get their hands on including snails, frogs legs and meat still oozing with blood.
Ah oui lets 'zurrender' to the nazi's then we can stink zem out with our frogs breath.

"France would be a nice coutry if it weren't for the people"
by Brummie Stu March 18, 2006
The deragatory term a blood/and or people of the people nation will call somone from the folk nation
"Lets go get them fake ass frogs"
by Hunter N. March 21, 2007

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