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Old english name that refers to the rightful king that will enounce himself to the country in the year 2010.
It was written about in acient texts that are now held in an MI5 secrets vault in there head quaters in London, England.
From Acient English text:
"and his name will be Shaun and he shall behead the wrong monachy to reveal his status and the year will be two thousand and ten year after the birth of the saviour jesus christ"
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
way of saying "i love you" before the L bomb is dropped into a relationship, often used my girls
Girl - "nuff luff"
guy - "what does that mean
girl - "nothing dont worry
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
a childish term to break wind
man- who farted
woman- i didnt fart (whispers) i frogged
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
a place where the men make sheep feel like women
a welsh man shagged a sheep he lived in wales
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
the incorrect spelling of the name Shaun
man:ok could you spell your name please
sean: sure its S-E-A-N
man: ha ha your name rhymes with bean
sean: accually its pronounced shaun
man: then why dont you spell it like that
(commonly used excuse) sean: i spell it the irish way
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007

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