14 definitions by niggamac

A nigger child who eats at McDonald's.
Look at the Nigger McNugget eatin' a Happy Meal.
by niggamac July 13, 2006
A fat black kid who is also a whimp.
That Nigger McMuffin got punk'd the other day.
by niggamac July 13, 2006
Word used in place of "fucking."
"What the freakin hell?!"
by niggamac September 05, 2006
n. To be attracted to hermaphrodites.
Pat is a hermaphrosexual who likes to be surprised by what awaits in the pants of his partner.
by niggamac July 09, 2006
n. A slang word meaning "ghetto metropolis" or any large portion of a city devoted to slums or ghettos.
That whole part of the city has turned into a ghettopolis.
by niggamac July 07, 2006
(n) The unborn offspring of a homosexual male from the end of the eighth week after conception (between a sperm and feces) up to the time of birth which normally occurs through the anus.
After being troubled for many weeks, Robbie decided to abort the fecus after the first trimester.
by niggamac May 12, 2008
n. A term used for an African American who is homosexual. The words, "black" + "faggot" are added together, hence blaggot.
Quit actin' like a blaggot!
by niggamac July 07, 2006

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