a place that breeds retarded fucks (very similar to a collegiate football program). These guys usually care about nothing but getting drunk and raping ignorant women that are dumb enough to let it happen. They have attitudes that closely resemble that of the ass holes you hated in jr high. I love how they make new recruits wear dress clothes and act all upstanding and important, yet they are the worst piles of trash on campus. Most members end up drinking and fucking off so much that their future becomes nothing more than a handfull of stories from the past.
go to McDonnalds 8 years from today.look for the guy asking if you want "fries with that"
by Joe September 25, 2004
Top Definition
What it takes to be a fratdaddy
I am a fratdaddy. I live in a frat house. I go to frat parties. I fight. I especially like to fight GDIs. I think if GDIs were cool that they would have pledged a frat in the first place. I know that GDIs are jealous of my social life. I believe that I am more fun and can party harder than any GDI. I am exclusive. I run dances. I am the brains behind Spring Break. I am the reason road trips exist. I hope you enjoyed my party last Friday. I can recite the Greek alphabet before the fire of a match burns out. I can rattle off all of my founding fathers as well as my fraternity obligations, but I don't know the words to my school song or my accounting professor's last name. I don't go to class. I never study. I devise elaborate schemes to cheat on my exams. I don't buy books. I have a low GPA. I have an endless supply of doctor notes from the campus health center. I am thankful that my frat buddies will get me a job after graduation because I know that I can't get one on my own. I give more than $1,000 of my parents' money in social dues each year to promote my frat's alcoholism problem. I drink because I am cool. I drink a lot because I am cooler than you. I serve alcohol to minors. I urinate in public. I do keg stands and have keg parties. I am the master at drinking games. I own you in quarters. I have never not drinken in the game "I never". If I can't find my beer bong I know I can find one next door. I don't binge drink-I continually drink. I have a pre-party for the "pre-party". I can dance. I wear my letters. I billboard my frat on sweatshirts. Most of my T-shirts are frat T's from frat parties. I wear long sleeved T-shirts under short sleeved T's. I own many plaid button-downs. I tuck in the front and let the back hang out. I own one baseball hat. I live in my khakis. I wear Timberlands in the winter and sandals in the summer. Sometimes I wear sandals in the winter because I can. I drive a sport utility vehicle my dad paid for. I play with my dog in the front lawn. My hair is a mess yet totally in style. I sometimes don't shave for weeks at a time. I am vogue. Ladies love me, but more importantly, I know ladies love me. I will never commit to just one girl. I don't wear condoms because it doesn't feel as good. I believe a girl gives up her right to say "no" if she is in my frat house after 1:30 a.m. I am shady. I don't care about what girls have to say. I only care about me. I will say anything to get a girl into bed. I will say even more to get a freshman girl in bed because I know she'll believe me. I am a player. I am loud and obnoxious wherever I go in public. I live in filth. I enjoy the smell of old beer in carpet. I prefer a dingy frat house to a clean apartment. I think living among rodents builds character. I leave the seat up. I can't clean up after myself. I put on a great front for parent's weekend. No one can see through me. I know every word to every song by Willie Nelson, David Alan Coe, and the Grateful Dead. I will sing them for you if I haven't picked up by nights end. I can't remember my parent's home phone number, but I do know every digit to their calling card number. I haze my pledges. I make them eat and drink things you would not imagine. I make them clean my house. I emotionally scar them for life. I abuse them physically. I make them cry. I then call them wimps. I later call them my brother if they don't de-pledge along the way. I know hell week. I am everything that is wrong in American. I am everything you wish you could be. I am a fratdaddy
He wears polo, lacoste, north face, padagonia, and ray bans. He is completelty frat-tastic.
by HomeChunks September 28, 2005
An incorrect abbreviation for fraternity. Frat boys give us fraternity men a bad image.
Frat boys don't give a shit about anything but getting hammered and raping bitches. They are the guys who continue the terrible stereotypes about fraternities. Fraternity men, on the other hand, have moral vales and actually care about getting good grades.
by Dewey June 13, 2004
A group of immature boys who give fraternities a bad name.
We are not a frat we are a fraternity. Would you call your country a cunt?
by 479 April 28, 2003
An annoying collection of insecure guys who need help getting laid. No one outside of a frat cares about them, everyone in a frat thinks it is the coolest most badass thing imaginable and use the excuse that it is a "brotherhood" to pass off getting drunk and being idiots. No frat is a "brotherhood" it's a lame excuse to be a part of something for those too insecure to actually make friends. And who think that because they drink on nights they have classes is some how badass. Instead they fail to see the stupidity in just about everything they do. They "rush" and get hazed but no one will say what happens because no one wants anyone else to find out just how pathetic they really are for doing all of this retarded shit just to be accepted. Often these once individuals (now copies) come home on breaks and think they are the shit but get a major reality check from their friends who don't care what they do at their frat house, and get pissed off when some one makes fun of them because of some misplaced sense of pride from being in a frat. Nothing is more pathetic that a frat guy by himself, because alone he is just a prep douchebag, but with his "brothers" he's the balls.
frat guy 1: Dude that was so intense last night, i never thought i'd do that...

Non frat guy: what'd you do?

Frat Guy 1: i can't talk about it to people not in my frat

non frat guy: you're an idiot.
by Rope12 February 04, 2009
A derogatory name for a Fraternity. Often used by Gel-headed, Abercrombie wearing, spray-tanned douchebags. Often used in the north, or anywhere outside of the South East (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas), though they may just be too stupid to understand that it is derogatory.

"Frats" usually consist of the previously mentioned Abercrombie, gel-head, spray tan doucherockets. They tend to give real fraternities a bad name.
I'm not in a frat. It's called a fraternity, fucking "Jersey Bro"....go take some fucking steroids, Guido.
by Real Fraternity Man April 13, 2008
Fuck Reading All of That- usually following a long dumb post of a forum
After a long worthless post my reply could be, FRAT!!!
by Frankie Gunns April 28, 2007
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