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Nominally a human being, the Aberzombie is easily identifiable by large advertisements worn on its chest and buttox. It tends to come from wealthy stock, drives an SUV and mates exclusively with other Aberzombies. The musical taste of the Aberzombie is limited to bands like Dave Matthews and O.A.R. Its SUV is typically emblazoned with a sticker reading "DMB" so as to communicate its bland taste in music to potential mates. The Aberzombie is not without its natural enemies, however. Most prominent among them are independent thought and a sense of style. The Aberzombie will go to great lengths not to face such horrific ideas, most often by associating only with fellow Aberzombies. In the rare case that it is exposed to outside ideas/free thought, it will utilize its only defense mechanism: complaining that others are envious and simply cannot afford Abercrombie clothing.
Kid Plasterd with Abercrombie clothing:"Hey! Whats up?"Kid:(Mummbles to slef)"Aberzombie..."
by RoboChick May 10, 2009
A deal (mostly involving currency) that makes no sense, is a bigger waste of your money, or a deal that would work better it you bought only one of the item.
Example 1:
Shopper 1:"Look these shirts are $9.89 each! Or you can get 2 for $20.00!"
Shopper 2:"You do know thats a frat deal right..."

Example 2:
Shopper 1:"OMFG! Did you see that sign! It said if you get a tan for double the price, the next one is free!"
Shopper 2:"Wow...Thats such a frat deal..."
by RoboChick May 06, 2009
The towel somone uses to do that butt-flos thing to dry there butt. You never want to remember that the towel you just used was/could have been a butt-towel.
Kid:(just gets out of shower)
Kid:(Begins drying off with towel)
Kid:(Smells towel)
(ominous laughter heard)
by RoboChick May 09, 2009
A look given to students by Mrs.Perkins who misbehave or don't complete there homework. This 'look' is highly feared, and emotionaly scarring.
Student:"Oh my god! Whats wrong?"
Crying Student: "I forgot to do my homework last night and got the 'I AM GONNA RIP YOUR FACE OF!' look!"
Student:(dies loudly)
by RoboChick May 04, 2009
Anyone addicted to or obsessed/in love with Mrs.Perkins. Perkaholic's are also known for quating Mrs.Perkins, such as "I AM GONNA RIP YOUR FACE OFF!"
Student 1: 'I spent like 3 hours last night trying to find Mrs.Perkins phone number!'

Student 2: 'Wow, you are such a perkaholic...'
by RoboChick May 03, 2009
Used in place of saying fuck. F! Is used mostly at school or when with other people (who you don't wish to offend) are near and you can't control yourself.
Driving Instructer:"Shift! Quickly!"
(Car begins rolling back down the road)
Student Driver:"F!"
by RoboChick May 09, 2009
The oppisite of a fan-site. Hatesites are dedicated to the hating of a topic/idea/person/object.
Person 1:"yeah so I was on anti-RyonBasuclub.org yesterday when..."
Person 2:"Isn't that a hatesite?"
Person 1:(walks away)
by RoboChick May 07, 2009
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