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the abbreviated form of fraternity. A typical "Frat" member is composed of Neanderthal-istic features and lower then average intelligence. They suffer from inferiority complex and believe that all women are there toys (especially the gullible I.E, Sorority girls) who buy all of there garbage. Frats typically vary in number although intelligence and conscious thought degrades as the number increases. While often considered a collegial affair, frats do not excel in learning atmospheres and are intimidated by reading, writing, or thinking. IF YOU are threatened by someone of this nature call animal or pest control. As a last resort throw a book at them.
Guy 1: What is that large group of dudes
Guy 2: oh thats just a frat, don't worry they are just raping those stupid sorority girls....
Guy 1: how sad...
Guy 2: no, those girls are dumb as shit..
Guy 1: mmm....
by RFSMITH December 20, 2007
the action of brotherhood
Rush Hard, Ride Hard, Frat Harder
by FratterK September 13, 2011
A way of partying harder and longer than anyone else.
"Look at that guy detonating beers, thats so frat."
by Hawkstar September 13, 2009
Frat is a word that gives away a GDI's ignorance. It's a fraternity. Yes we party. Yes we have a good time, but being greek is more than that. It's brotherhood, it's tradition, it's morals and values instilled into us from a previous generation when manners were used and gel in hair wasn't. On my campus, the greek gpa is much higher than the non-greek gpa. So if you think we're all a bunch of guys that dress similar and drop out of school, you're completely mistaken. We dress like adults, have better grades than you, and one day we'll be your boss and you'll have to dress exactly how we do now when you work in your cubicle while we're in our corner office smoking a cigar and drinking scotch.
"That frat guy I was telling you about got the internship I wanted" - GDI bitch
by Yourfutureboss April 28, 2009
Banquet Fat Free Chicken Patties. They are the bomb.
Are we having Frats for dinner tonight?
by christa August 29, 2004
verb. to do things or resemble that of frats.

(ususally used in sarcasm)
We fratted it up last weekend.

He fratted so hard he got injured.

I'm frattin so hard right now.
by ericjo September 10, 2007
A clever misspelling of the word "fart", to enable the user to say it in situations that would otherwise be unacceptable.

The bodily function of passing intestinal gas (flatus) via the anus.
"I done fratted on the pavement"
"Define frat as a fraction - butt cheeks divided by parp"
"Who's done gone fratted a smelly frat in here?"
"I got frat in my nostril, who's responsible?"
"Is that a frat I smell?"
"Boy have I got the frats today"
"Send those kids to frat camp, that'll learn them"
by grahamwmcilroy October 31, 2007