Frat: A new meaning for gay. Boy's who think they're men touching eachother for "acceptance".
"That Frat touched me inapropriately!"
by Justin Siderbush March 14, 2012
A hat that is made when you shave a large afro/wafro into the shape of a hat.
Kid 1:"Dude! Nice frat!"
Kid with frat:"Thanks! Danielle did it!"
Kid 1:"I want one!"
by RoboChick May 06, 2009
Acronym for 'Fuck Reading All That.' Used after being confronted with giant blocks of text, such as bitchy girlfriend letters.
Fourteen pages?! FRAT.
by Nims September 05, 2007
Frog-Rat. Often put with someone who is also a Fudge Packer and a Paper Eater. Most Frats look like mexicans due to their moustaches. FRATs do not defend themselves because they are to weak. A FRAT can usually be found on a leash following someone else, with their presence just annoying that person.
<Tom> Shut up you paper eating, fudge packing, mexican staring FRAT.

<Jimmy> *Walks away in shame but eventually comes back to get payed out more.*
by Anti FRATs July 27, 2010
verb. to senselessly destroy beyond recognition.
Dude 1: That party got out of control last night. Everyone was dancing on the tables.
Dude 2: Yeah bra, three tables got fratted.
by con jon June 21, 2009
kids in college who think theyre the shit, because they are. they hook up with more women then you do, and they go to the gym 9 times a week. that is why theyre so yoked, not because some drink their shots with muclemilk, which they do.
guy: dont call your fraternity a frat, you wouldnt call your country a cunt.

frat guy:your right, id call it a count.
by jimmytatro June 12, 2012
the short and incorrect way of saying fraternity. To some brothers of real fraternities this can be offensive.
guy 1: yo which frat is this
Guy 2: Frat? would you call your country a cunt? say the whole word if you ever wanna talk to me
by That MU TKE February 27, 2010

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