Frat -Noun
-A brief, audible expulsion of intestinal gas. Usually followed by a foul odor. Shorter in passage length than of a fart.
"We went to lunch in my car, and sure enough, right after the doors are closed and the windows are up, he let that frat right out."
by Jeff Dotrive March 30, 2008
A place where college boys go to meat/buy friends. You see a "frat boy" by himself is about the biggest dork you can find, but when you put about 20 or 30 of them together and give them a big old house they manage to make about one OKish person. Now you would think that a group of guys living together would want to stay as far away from anything gay as possible since a group of men living together already sounds a little out of the closet, but NO! They make you go gay things in order to get in, such as eating cum off a cookie, holding another persons cock, and such... Frat boys are gay and the only way they can get any is from a fellow frat boy or a girl they drugged up, how very pathetic.
Frat boys are gay. They are all gay
by Dr. Jaydsafd October 14, 2005
1. A common misspelling of the word, "fart."

2. A 99.9% male simultaneous masturbation club (There's bound to be a she-male somewhere in the mix).
1. He just ate at Taco C, so he joined a frat.

2. He enjoys watching other men fondle their own genitalia though he claims to be heterosexual; hence, you can find him at a frat party.
by funkmaster September 04, 2003
1. short for fraternity; 2. a fat hood rat; 3. flatuation
1. They are throwing a party at the frat house.
2. All the chicks in Pasadena, TX are frats.
3. "Dude you need to throw out the garbage," "It's not the garbage, i just fratted."
by G. Woods October 13, 2003
Slang for fraternity.

A great system to network and get laid. Apparently some haters who are still 24 year old virgins and sheep will get angry about our organizations. Well we bang sorority sluts and have a good time, and some people who have no game and can't stop jerking off to anime porn have a gigantic problem.
Hey babe i'm a frat boy don't worry about it.
by Jon-P January 18, 2007

A very carefully put-together and prim manner of dressing.
Frat guy A: Dude, look at that totally frat guy standing over there! I tried to get frat tonight, but he's 10x fratter than me!

Frat guy B: Yeah, man, your outfit is weak sauce. That guy is definitely hot. I mean frat.

Frat guy A: What?

Frat guy B: Nevermind. But I can't approach him.
by perry s. August 16, 2005

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