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great rock star,and long lost reletive of rivers cuomo
buddy holly and the crickets own man!
by futuramafan May 02, 2008
great show on nbc.has best charecter janitor
guy 1:you like scrubs? guy 2:no that show sucks! guy 1:we can't be freinds.
by futuramafan January 27, 2008
awswome song by nirvana
polly wants a cracker
by futuramafan February 09, 2008
Formed in 1962, the rolling stones are a rock band that rose to fame during the british invasion. Their sound was a raw and angry alternative to the beatles. Some early songs include satisfaction, under my thumb, paint it black, & get off my cloud.

The stones were seen as a very good band until 1968's beggar's bqanquet. After that album they transformed into the greatest rock band on earth and they released a string of abums that are classics such as let it bleed, sticky fingers, and their magnus opus exile on main st.

Their next few albums while good, were looming in the shadow of exile. That all changed with 1978's Some Girls.
A Fusion of Disco, Punk, and the classic "stones-y" sound, it is one of the most challenging records to date.

In the early 80's they released Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You which produced new stones classics such as start me up and waiting on a freind.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards relationship began to sour and as a result made some less than stellar albums such as undercover and dirty work. But they pulled it together and put aside their diffrences for their comeback 1989's steel wheels and then launched their biggest tour to date.

They are still together and every tour for them seems to become the most suscessfull tour ever.
The rolling stones are the greatest rock band ever.

You have not lived till you see them live.
by futuramafan December 21, 2010
the hot drummer for the white stripes
meg white is hotttttt!
by futuramafan March 07, 2008
The best band ever.have a lot of sound for two people.
I'm going to wichita.Far from this opera for evermore.I'm gonna work the straw.Make the sweat drip out of every pore.-from the white stripes 2003 hit seven nation army
by futuramafan January 19, 2008
the greatest day i've ever known
today is the greatest day i've ever known
by futuramafan March 06, 2008

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