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when a woman is gang raped on a pinball machine a la jodie foster in 'the accused'.
i got so drunk last night i barely remember getting fostered before i left the bar.
by tayintheway January 14, 2011
Similar to being tom sawyered. Being suckered into doing something which you originally thought was fun, only to turn out that what you are doing is indeed not fun.
"Come on, lets go chasing tornadoes. It'll be fun."

"No the last time you fostered me into chasing tornadoes I ended up in a mexican prison with a guy giving me a dirty sanchez."
by pylorns February 20, 2008
when a female is deepthroating a male's genitalia and after gagging repeatedly, she vomits all over the penis.
Male 1: Dude, I got fostered by that chick who was deepthroating my dick. She is disgusting!

Male 2: Wow how nasty!
by kylelarkinx November 10, 2010
When a girl pukes while sucking a guys dick.
That girl totally just fostered that guy.
by theman17 November 09, 2010
The condition of being very drunk from one can of Fosters Beer. (The can being quite a bit larger then a normal beer can.)
Jason's completely fostered, I'll have to drive him home.
by Wizard February 10, 2005
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