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A condition in which a person has trouble either catching, or maintaining possession of an item. Usually refers to a pigskin, football or the "rock" but can be applied to dropping Momma's fine china on Thanksgiving Day or dropping a condom behind the headboard during application prior to coitus.

Stems from the word "Fumble" in football, in which a player loses possession of the football. Almost always occurs during moments of acute stress specifically when the desired end-state of a situation is within the grasp of an individual but then victory slips through the fingers of the fostering individual resulting in disaster.

Fostering is not limited to sports:

1) Dude why did you just foster the christmas turkey on the floor? Now we gotta eat spam covered with brown sugar instead.

2)All he had to do was juke the Florida Safety and he would have had 6!!! But he lost his emotions and effing tossed the ball into the stands, fostering the game away.
Game over, Florida Tatters our windsock again...
by Cy Simon July 27, 2008
A slightly less extreme version of the commonly found player or also known as a man whore Fostering involves marrying people on facebook in quick succession. Fosterers often talk to many girls via Facebook messages and present a vunerable/emotional side to which appeals to people such as jailbait. Fostering is often a result of people who wish to appear popular and a desperate cry for affection.
Ethan: Wow Matt has gone through 3 Facebook marriages in 2 weeks. He's really fostering lately isn't he.
Sam: Yeah I know, he's getting alot worse.
Ethan: Ah well, better let him get it out of his system.
by Theyseemetrolling December 16, 2011
Telling a lie.
There's no cheesecake here, he was Fostering to us again.
by apathetic hero January 01, 2011

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