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Spazzy sheepy noise that you do when you're hyper or something retarded or funny or annoying just happened

Sophie - Can i eat those sweets?
Sophie's mum - No, they're for tonight..
Sophie - Mehhh *waves arms around weirdly*
by yapdizap April 04, 2009
You're birthday but half the way inbetween your birthday from the previous and next year (:
WOOOOH! My half birthday in a week!
by yapdizap April 04, 2009
They are not very useful for eating soup. Hmmm.
I have found that forks aren't useful when eating soup... Don't try it, it doesn't work...
by yapdizap March 29, 2009
When middle aged ladies have mostaches
by yapdizap June 11, 2009
A conversation by text.
DUDE I totally had a textosation with her
by yapdizap May 23, 2009
YOUR MUM but in french
anf also you should know that I fudged her
Alex-TA MERE.. and i fudged her!

by yapdizap March 31, 2009
Another way of saying mum
Hey Mumaliscious! How was your day at work?
by yapdizap June 05, 2009

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