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Japanese for "pervert." Literally "strange desires." In American usage it more often refers to Japanese porn, especially in cartoons.
(The plural of "hentai" is just "hentai," not "hentais.")
1. All of the hentai on the bus were looking at my boobs.
2. Hide the hentai! Mom's coming!
by Chem December 09, 2003
A word that stupid people use to help you spot them quickly. It can also be spelled "h8r".
Me: I don't think you've thought your views through very well. Was that even English?

Stupid Person: YoU'rE sUch a h8R! Don't bE hatIn.
by Chem December 09, 2003
What happens after cleaning up the keyboard from watching porn.
Person1: Hello?
Person1: Where did you go?
Person1: Why did you stop talking?
Person2: fdlJUVKL;SS<Da
Person2: Sorry, i was watching a video... i mean.. an art film.
by Chem October 12, 2004
also believed to be the scientific term for a camels penis
i thought that humped creature had three legs, but i was wrong, it was merely his dude
by chem March 30, 2005
One of the better replacements for the word "fuck."
Get the fork away from me, whorebag!
by Chem December 09, 2003
People who are fans of the band Flogging Moly. Typically minors who wish they could drink, but instead kick the shit out of people in a mosh pit.
Yo that guy is almost as dumb as a Flogging Molly Fan!
by Chem October 12, 2004
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