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6 definitions by angelic_tears13

a sexyfull guy (even though he's 40) who doesn't show off that he's rich and that looks so good with eye liner
by angelic_tears13 August 23, 2003
36 38
- u could use it to eat -mmmm food!!!
-a nice handy weapon u could use to stab ppl with!
- or it could mean ur gonna beat someone up for ppl who don't wanna say the word fuck , "i'm gonna fork u up"
i think u ppl are smart enough to get the definition
by angelic_tears13 December 31, 2003
6 9
4 girls who are in a rock band who just came out and think there already big knowing that they have alot to go.also tomboys
the donnas and there vids-tom boys
by angelic_tears13 August 23, 2003
13 49
a word that daday yankee(a spanish reggae artist) kinda made up to describe alot of stuff that is off the hook
like that song is cangri or she is cangri(actually said in spanish)
by angelic_tears13 August 09, 2003
29 158
my man's clothing line
level 27=billy= my man
by angelic_tears13 December 31, 2003
23 275
a sort of a nice person that comes from my block where i live bronx,ny baby!!!!!!!!!! that now that she a celeberty she can't come to her roots oh well that's celeberty life 4 u

shooting almost all of the the video for jenny from the block somewhere else
tisk tisk
by angelic_tears13 August 23, 2003
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