however long the period of time will be, used especially if you dont know how long it will is a relatively new slang usage for forever
Tomorrow im goin to run forever in the mornin - you
Really, about how long - tom
Till i get tired - you
by peevesy August 15, 2007
The time that elapses during chem, bio, or other labs in college. The schedule says 4 hours, but they in fact take forever.
"Man, that class dragged on FOREVER!"
by Just wait til the weekend August 28, 2011
for girls: until death
for boys: until they get what they want or something better comes along

correct: (see for girls)
Girl: I will love you forever, until death do us part

Boy: I will love you forever, until i find someone else
by iTZ CaR1y StFu April 15, 2007
You and I are forever. I love you Sarah Noel. I love that girl so much it is Rediculous.
It all started september 28th 2005
Sarah and I are forever.
by Thomas Whalen February 01, 2006
Something that doesn't exist
My Love for you is Forever
by COLson March 28, 2015

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