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Someone who is very tall and has well defined muscles, usually adored by most females.
How lang is Will Smith?
by rippedman May 12, 2005
A whyalla (South Australia) word meaning 'not' or 'joking'

Can also be used as 'langing'
person 1: see, he's not that ugly
person 2: LANG

- - - -

person 1: I'm going to kill myself !
person 2: You're langing.

- - - -

person 1: I don't think we should be friends anymore
person 2: w. .wh. .what ? :(
person 1: IM JUST LANGIN WITH YA! haha
by Souljah Boy December 22, 2007
To be placed at the end of a sentence to make the statment untrue. Sort of like 'not'.
Jessica alba isn't hot .... LANG!
by Cheeselog faceman June 26, 2007
A new versatile style and usage of the english language. The process mainly consists of taking the first syllable of a word and using that in place of the original word. Sometimes a slight change in the spelling will be done to make the word more discernible from other words. One of the very first words used in this language was "nuth".
Hey Joe, what lang are you speaking?
Mike thinks there is nuth wrong with speaking a new lang.
I was sick and ti of having nuth to do until I learned this new lang.

by Joseph Kubiak February 25, 2007
The residual weed left over from an already vaporized bowl.

In order to produce this obviously a vaporizer must be used. After getting a vaporizer pack a full bowl of weed. Vaporize and Enjoy. After vaping, the leftover weed typically comes out a brownish to black color, but occasionally it's also slightly green. Some claim that there is still THC and resin left in this byproduct, which produces a mild high when smoked from a bong or pipe.

Lang can also sometimes be used in spliff in lieu of tobacco.
"Hey man you want to smoke this lang?"
"Brian there no THC left in the lang"
"I swear you still get a high from it"
by LingofromCal January 14, 2010
To become extremely drunk (more in the case of mixed drinks) and projectile spit on the who ever is nearby. Usually provoked by patronizing.
"Dude he drank seven rum & cokes and straight langed on Shane!"
by HoneyJo October 14, 2011
A archaic Scottish form of the word "long".
O but ye've been lang o' comin',
Welcome Royal Charlie.
by Forest Spirit June 12, 2005
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