an amount of time measurable to 2 days
Its Saturday, Monday is forever from now.
by professor me May 22, 2010
1. A time period lasting anywhere from 1 week to 16 months

2. A concept finite creatures will never be able to understand, yet will keep using the word as if they do.

3. (n: fo'eva) A tasty breaded pastry
(1) I will love you forever.

(2) I want to live forever.

(3) dat dang fo'eva sho can flip a smack badang.
by meglio stasera February 07, 2010
Me and you ❤
We are forever in love.
by Dragonexx June 06, 2015
Forever is actually FOREVER, for girls.

But for guys it means in reality 4-6 months or until he finds someone better.
But: Once in a while you DO find those guys, (only about 3% of guys are like this) that DO mean forever.
Girl: I love you until death do us part, always and forever.

Boy: I love you forever until a 20 year old with her clit pierced comes along.
by KatieBeers December 16, 2009
Around 72 days for most celebrities.
Chris: I'll love you forever.
*72 days later*
Chris: Nice knowing you!
Kim: See ya jackass!
by Cannibalistic Taco July 28, 2012
For all time; everlasting. But usually thought of a long period of time, and may be exaggerated from mere seconds to years.
Person 1:Dude! I haven't seen Bruno in forever!
Person 2: When did you last hear from him?
Person 1: Two days ago..
Person 2: Holy tits. If two days was a forever ago, I better change the dictionary.

"Those damn little kids, I swear. They say I'll love you forever on the first date, then break up the next week. It'll teach me to trust those little fuckers."
by DigiShock June 04, 2012
19 months :'(
"I will love you forever"
by THRE3 October 30, 2011

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