The length of time it takes a significant other to find and secure a greener pasture.
"I will love you forever"
3 months later: "I need to make it on my own (code for: I've found somebody else)"
by Biffmeister May 17, 2012
Forever is till you don't get bored..
I'll love you forever.
by Crankycrap December 28, 2011
19 months :'(
"I will love you forever"
by THRE3 October 30, 2011
The non-existing time span that way too many half brained idiots used.
Forever one day, the next it's over.
Joe: Yeah, we'll be together forever!
Next Day
Joe: Sorry, this isn't working out.
by rawroarbitch December 19, 2010
a word that really means best friends u guys have always been there for me ily pasta and sauce
"best friends forever"
by blonde1 October 20, 2009
a word describing the distance of eternity from the x and y coordinates of the graph of time until the end of the world when the x and y coordinate meet the z coordinate which means FUCKING FOREVER!!!
just shut up. just shut up. shut. up. now. forever. i mean it.
by twangy wangy February 01, 2011
something that is not real a myth a lie something people should never believe.
1: "i'll love you forever"
2: "How you wont be alive forever there is no "forever"."
by nobelieverinlove June 14, 2010

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