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Great song by the strokes
12:51 is the time found the words i sought
by apple_eater April 13, 2009
1: the sounds nightcrawler of the x-men makes when teleporting.

2:bad ass mother fucker.
I wish i could be a bamf like nightcrawler.
by apple_eater January 07, 2009
About 3 monts, give or take.
"Don't give up ok? i will love you forever"
a few weeks later......"I don't know what i feel." (aka found someone better)
by apple_eater April 30, 2009
A shinigami, or japanese god of death.
If you don't respect your friend the apple eater will get you.
by apple_eater December 26, 2008
Something you find here: myspace.com/princejaithegreat

and here: http://www.playlist.com/jaitumolo
Indie music can be very melancholy
by apple_eater December 26, 2008

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