A given amount of time, that never ends.
Generally used when describing how long an action will take place.
Karlee and I are going to be bestfriends forever!
by Strateejic December 04, 2011
Forever with the R, E, and V capital is something Avenged Sevenfold fans do to remember The Rev. The Rev was the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold. He passed away on December 28th, 2009.
We miss you Rev. You will be remembered foREVer.
by Synacky December 30, 2010
Forever is a time period of 6 - 16 months long.
In most high school relationships the couple always say, "we'll be together forever" and the relationship, 98% of the time only last 6 to 16 months.
by loveletter357 June 14, 2010
A word added at the end of titles of games in development to indicate that said game will be consigned to development hell forever and will never be released.
Duke Nukem Forever will be released when it's ready.
by Cydonos June 22, 2009
About 3 monts, give or take.
"Don't give up ok? i will love you forever"
a few weeks later......"I don't know what i feel." (aka found someone better)
by apple_eater April 30, 2009
Alternate spelling of "forever" created by Zacky Vengeance, this spelling is in honor and in loving memory of The Rev, who passed away in December of 2009. This can also be seen on the album cover for "Nightmare" on the gravestone (it's all in capital letters, but REV is bigger than the other letters).
A7X foREVer!
by Vera Yates August 03, 2011
For Girls: Until The Last Fake Rose Dies!

For Guys: Until I Feel Like Stopping Or I Find Something Better!
Joey said "I Love You Forever" Foever Ended For Him When He Felt Like Giving Up, But Forever Is Still Going On For Me.
by FOREVERHeartBroken69 April 28, 2010

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