pushing it or taking it too far
maureen forces it all day during school
by matt cooney April 29, 2009
when something doesn't quite work,is a stretch, or isn't smooth or subtle.

like forcing out a joke that isn't funny or wearing an outfit that is forcing a certain look but just makes you look stupid or trying to sing a note that's too high
Bill: Like my trendsetting polka dot bow tie?

David: It's a force, but if kids these days are leaving the stickers on their hats, then any fashion is possible


xx1337sniperoverlordofchaosanddestructionxx: Yo...

David: No, shut up, that username's a total force. You need to go outside more or something


The Disney Channel
by newton north '10 ftw! July 06, 2009
adj/n. Something or someone that is lame, stupid, or uncool; noobish; noob.

Opposite; gravel
1: I hate the new Transformers movie, its so force.
2: That guys ugly T-Shirt is definitely force.
3: Kyle is such a force, I hate him.
by BobBlout June 30, 2009
a phenomina that allowing the moving or interactions on objects in the physical world
zomg he just moved that stove! Its magic!

Its not magic, its force dumbass.
by blarghy Mic Flargh May 26, 2009
n. a slang term that refers to the police FORCE.
"I probably owe it to y'all,

prolly be locked by the FORCE/

tryin to hustle some things,

there he go with the porsche/"

- Jay-Z "Dirt Off Ya Shoulders"
by shortyduwaaap October 11, 2005
Forcing something.

1- Attempting to make a stupid joke funny or making a comment that was supposed to be funny but wasn't

2- Pushing it or taking it too far. Saying an unnecessary or completely stupid comment.

3- Wearing something you shouldn't.
1- John-"I gotta go to college today"

Bill- "Your mom goes to college!!!"

John- "Force...."

2- Jim- "Pat, you suck at baseball"

Jake- "Yea Pat, you suck at baseball"

Jim- "Force jake"

3- Jen- "Did you see Jess? She's wearing a short skirt"

Cindy- "Doesn't she always wear jeans and clothes that goes

past her knees?"


Cindy-"What a force...."
by Boyd Schidt October 19, 2010
It should be noted that while force is not exactly the amount of energy applied to an object, it is the instantaneous amount of energy applied per distance when not balanced by other forces. Forces can consist of troops and their equipment, whose bullets, by the way, transfer enough force to cause damage to most materials.
Change in energy of an object in motion is the cross product (sum of component products of two vectors) of the sum of applied forces and the change in position.
by oberon August 15, 2004

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