It should be noted that while force is not exactly the amount of energy applied to an object, it is the instantaneous amount of energy applied per distance when not balanced by other forces. Forces can consist of troops and their equipment, whose bullets, by the way, transfer enough force to cause damage to most materials.
Change in energy of an object in motion is the cross product (sum of component products of two vectors) of the sum of applied forces and the change in position.
by oberon August 15, 2004
A word that was incorrectly used by an idiot in reference to a fake signature. i.e., "dude, you just forced that check!"
You: "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
Teller: "I just saw you force that check."
You: "you saw me FORCE the check??"
Teller: "yes, that's not your name that you just signed."
You: "pardon me, but I am NOT FORCING anything."
Teller: "yes, you are, I saw you force it."
You: "that's fine, forget the check...and may the force be with you."
by eat 'em ologist October 10, 2006
A power of some sort that only Jedi's can control.
Luke- I don't feel it...
Obi Won- yea, you can...just go with the feeling...
Luke- what feeling?
Obi Won- the one in your pants...

Only Jedi's can control this force.
by I ate a fish July 10, 2008
The humoristic graffiti and artwork masterpiece of the legendary Cash Money Brothers. A true freak.
Check out his colaborations with Joker, wimp or Chill'n'Force Project in the early 90s.
by Nate1 January 02, 2005
1.) n. an amount of energy applied to an object

2.) v. To give someone cause to immediate action

3.) n. Short for "forceonatr" (Which is also Short for "Force of Nature"
It takes a lot of force to move this screwdriver into your eye.

Don't force me to jab this screwdriver into your eye.

Sup force, you totally pwned on that fool.
by forceonatr July 20, 2003
The Force is a field of power that is meant to serve those who are worthy. The Jedi treat the Force as a burden. They refuse to accept its true nature.
The following allows those who believe in true power to glimpse the true nature of the Force:
Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain vitory.
Through victory, ny chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
by LORD REVAN April 18, 2005
a mixture of beer, red bull, handle of vodka and a container of pink lemonade.

-One 30
-One Handle of Vodka
-6 Red Bulls
-Container of Pink Lemonade.
Yo man hit me up with some more force.
by cabesa grande May 24, 2009

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