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The best movie ever made. Ever.
Fucking right.
by omg sheepies March 30, 2004
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A line of toy robots from the 1980s, made by merging two existing Japanese toylines (Diaclone and Microman) together. Divided into two factions, the Autobots (good) and Decepticons (evil) fought each other endlessly in the TV show and comics that followed. They had the ability to change into various items, mainly vehicles. Their toyline, unlike other 80s toys, continued to be popular in various incarnations through the 1990s and have enjoyed a greater resurgence today due to the popularity of 80s nostalgia.
The Transformers are transforming robots or "robots in disguise".
by M. Wiesner Jr. March 03, 2005
By far the best and most innovative cartoon known to mankind.
Transformers is the last cartoon to display any sort of cool animation violence, since those wanker parent groups decided that violence on TV caroon shows provokes violence in real life. If the parents were accountable for their childrens attitudes then we wouldn't have the problem. Your a pack of morons.
by Blur February 12, 2004
There's more than meets the eye.
Transformers, robots in disguise.
by The Dalai Lama April 22, 2007
A rotbot in disguise, more than meets the eye.
Optemus prime , the transformer is kickass. Im so sad, im 25.
by jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz October 06, 2005
1)A race of Transmetal beings with the ability to physically reshape themselves in the form of vehicles and/or weapons. 2) A popular toy of the early to mid '80's that spawned a cartoon and comic book series.
My parents bought me that new Transformer for my birthday!
by Necro October 22, 2003
Transforming robots from the planet cybertron, depending on your view point either "more than meets the eyes" or "robots in disguise"
The Transformers are: Autobots-optimus prime, sky fire, wreck-gar, hot rod, bumble bee, ratchet, iron hide, kup, jazz, mirage, cliff jumper, chopper, arcee(boo), ultra magnus, the dinobots, blurr, fortress maximus, wide load, roll bar, point blank, brainstorm, highbrow, hard head, chrome dome, sure shot, cross hairs, goldbug, blaster, and alot more, prowl, wheeljack, trail breaker, sunstreaker, sideswipe, skylinx honorary autobots-spike, daniel(kinda) Decipticons-Megatron, starscream, soundwave, devastator, astrotrain, scorponok, galvatron, cutthroat, blot, battletrap, laserbeak, reflector, thundercracker, ravage, rumble, and alot more, honorary decepticons-TJ and Dave
by Jesus and his disciples June 17, 2006

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