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2 definitions by BobBlout

adj/n. Something or someone that is lame, stupid, or uncool; noobish; noob.

Opposite; gravel
1: I hate the new Transformers movie, its so force.
2: That guys ugly T-Shirt is definitely force.
3: Kyle is such a force, I hate him.
by BobBlout June 30, 2009
adj. Something that is awesome or cool; beast.

Synonyms; beast, awesome, tank, cool, rad,
1: LeBron James is so gravel!
2: That guy just beat up 13 people single-handily, hes sooo gravel!
3: Dude, that new Lamborghini is super gravel.
4: I did gravel today in my game; I scored 32 points.
by BobBlout June 30, 2009