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a term used when you have had or are getting an orgasmic foot massage.
megan footgasms when i rub her feet nice and hard.
by the chelsmeister August 02, 2006
Noun. When two people are at the height of foot intercourse, a footgasm occurs, making both people's feet feel amazing.
Bob "Did you see that girl's feet?"
Avo "Yeah, they gave me a footgasm."
by AWKMO April 19, 2011
That time after a long day when you get to take off your shoes, and your feet feel great.
Wow, I just spent a 10 hour day in heels, when I get home I'm gonna have a major footgasm.
by mangokiwi January 28, 2011
The feeling of pure orgasmic energy when Large boots and thick socks are taken off after a whole day spent hiking, the feeling is heightened by applying talcon powder to the foot.
Gordon: Dude, After that 8 mile walk we just did, I just had a footgasm

Josh: Oh dude, I know what you mean, Orgasmic energy is radiating off my foot

Gordon: Pass me the Talcon Powder
by Josh OCS April 24, 2007
The amazing tingling, almost painful sensation after your foot awakes from being asleep.
Yo, after sitting on my foot for about an hour last night i got a super sensitive footgasm.
by RJk198 May 04, 2011
When you put your quarters into one of those colored plastic chairs that vigorously vibrates and you get an out of body experience because you literally just had an orgasm...but in your foot....
Yeah, gurl that thing TOTALLY gave me a footgasm!
by ilovethegoodvibrations! July 21, 2010
the stimulation of the nerves in your foot that occurs when you take your shoes off after wearing them for an extended period of time.
After wearing his ski boots all day, Bode had a massive footgasm
by monkeysauce February 23, 2010

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