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A special effect applied to an audio signal to make it sound as if you're now hearing that sound in a tunnel or some other different room, with some depth and a bit of echo.
Many guitar amplifiers have a "reverb" knob.
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
1) conseqences

2) consensus, opinion
1) man, I bet theres gonna be some serious reverb for that shooting last night!

2)what's the reverb about the band?
by bonzai April 08, 2004
The name of Vert Wheeler's car in 'Hotwheels Acceleracers'.
Here, take Reverb. I added a nitrox 2 afterburner.
by honeylicious October 08, 2005
To remake a verb, using other words as quick add-ons to the ends, such as "rundiddlydid".
"Here's a good reverb for you! "Walkedidytolou.""
by Spaztik Plaztik April 12, 2007
Extremely loud moaning in a tight rhythm during sex.
I was hittin it only two seconds and she went into that reverb shit... I was like shut up.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
big pussy, loose
I was hitting it, but she got mad reverb, I wasnt feeling no tightness.
by Kangoe Joe October 27, 2003
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