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Olivia Hoffman
Olivia Hoffman is a fool for thinking she can beat Erin in assassin.
by Frangelina October 11, 2011
0 2
Cool in an unusual, abstract or less obvious way
Dude, those trainers are totally fool
by Thimster January 28, 2009
4 8

1. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.

or a flower
look ^ rutali or shaini
u fool.....!!!
8 12
somebody that is in denial of being a company man.

somebody that works at a place for a year and thinks he/she deserves the same treatment as a person thats been there for over 30 years
that fool john thinks he should get 6 weeks vacation after being here only a year. what a fool
by chief running tab February 14, 2009
2 7
a) Idiot.
b) Word used with gangsta words such as homie ect.
c) Combo of Cool and Fun.
a) You make us look like fools!
b) Yo, fool, muh homie g.
c) That was sooo fool.
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
9 14
A person with less intelligence than the average glass of water. Also, a person who has threatened someone who is larger, or stronger than he/she is
"I pity the fool"
"You fooling me?"
by Slap Chappie February 16, 2003
7 12
how penguins kiss <3
*fools your cheek* :D
by orange penguin October 01, 2006
10 16