one who essentially has similar qualities as that of someone named Div and walks quite like a penguin
That person is so Div like for thinking that changing topics is foolish.
by theINd March 10, 2010
A group of roughly about 40 dubbed friends, generally in the Orlando, FL area bent on making the world a statement that you can still have a lot of fun without the influence of drugs, alcohol or recreational drugs. This group of friends have created a their own unique lingo from old-fashioned phrases and interesting-sounding words. The creators of The Fools, Kristen Richardson, Laura Lewis, and Aaron Rogers, created this aspiring group during the birthday party of Laura Lewis along with a few other unnamed individuals.
I love The Fools; everything The Fools do is so trendy and exciting; The Fools sure know how to have fun!
by aaronrogers May 11, 2009
acronym for F'd out of luck
that kid got F.O.O.L'd when they found out what he did!
by Brand()n March 31, 2008
Cool in an unusual, abstract or less obvious way
Dude, those trainers are totally fool
by Thimster January 28, 2009

1. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.

or a flower
look ^ rutali or shaini
u fool.....!!!
somebody that is in denial of being a company man.

somebody that works at a place for a year and thinks he/she deserves the same treatment as a person thats been there for over 30 years
that fool john thinks he should get 6 weeks vacation after being here only a year. what a fool
by chief running tab February 14, 2009
how penguins kiss <3
*fools your cheek* :D
by orange penguin October 01, 2006

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