Someone who doesn't understand how long it takes for bed sheets to get dry in the dryer.
This fool doesn't even know.
by bweezy28 November 04, 2010
Fucking Cool - two words combined to make one abbreviation known as "fool"
"Hey Bill, look at that car over there."

"Yeah, that car is fool!"
by Flyfo May 29, 2009
a friend; replying to them as a friend
damn fool! fo real
by tommiezbabygurl December 13, 2003
def 1- A friend or "Gangsta" friend.
A really cool crazy pal.
" Hey Fool!! wassup??"
by B-Rizzle November 26, 2003
What Mr. T calls people he don't like, but minues the L, so stop that jiba jaba, foo'!
You foo' betta get away from me!
I pitty da foo!
by Jiub June 16, 2003
one who essentially has similar qualities as that of someone named Div and walks quite like a penguin
That person is so Div like for thinking that changing topics is foolish.
by theINd March 10, 2010
A group of roughly about 40 dubbed friends, generally in the Orlando, FL area bent on making the world a statement that you can still have a lot of fun without the influence of drugs, alcohol or recreational drugs. This group of friends have created a their own unique lingo from old-fashioned phrases and interesting-sounding words. The creators of The Fools, Kristen Richardson, Laura Lewis, and Aaron Rogers, created this aspiring group during the birthday party of Laura Lewis along with a few other unnamed individuals.
I love The Fools; everything The Fools do is so trendy and exciting; The Fools sure know how to have fun!
by aaronrogers May 11, 2009
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