Word for a friend. Interchangeable with homeboy or vato.
"Aw fool you know I tasted that honey dip last night."

"You can come to the picnick but you better bring some forties fool."
by Tribbett May 03, 2013
1- it means and idiot , or dumb person

2-an egyptian kind of food made of beans that makes ppl turns idiotic or dumb ....but its not called fool for that reason but its just a coincidence :)
1- a: hand me the ball fool
2- ahmed :why cant you right any thing in the exam

mohammed : sory i ate fool in the morning ...so you know ..:S

ahmed :ohh
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
F**k Out Of Luck!
--a person that has missed an opportunity, transportation, event, etc.
He missed the plane to Atlanta! Well, he is just a f.o.o.l.!!!
by MissPiggyDiva November 18, 2014
Fuck Off Or Lick. When a girl wants to hook up with a guy, but the guy isn't making his move. He either needs to fuck off or "lick".
Hey Emily, this guy needs to fool!
by Foolmike November 05, 2012
A fool is an individual who has the attributes of someone who is both funny and cool.
A Fool Individual: I'm pretty fool, don't you agree?
Normal Person: I most certainly do.
by The One They Call Fool May 17, 2012
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