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A fucking hot muthafucka, with a 9m dick, sexy body and cute face.
Look at his dick, it looks as if hes pulling a Manav.
by manavsexydickbig February 23, 2011
The coolest thing on the planet, any girl would fall for him. These guys are always starting off at a low level but boosting up to a quality personality.
WOW, he's turned out to be such a Manav
by THEKingdomNess1234 January 07, 2012
An excessively awesome person, or a person who possesses a high intelligence level (rendering part of the person's awesomeness).
"Yo bro I was doing like 150 there eh"

"Bro stop fronting you ain't no Manav"
by BrAw December 29, 2013
The act of growing a full on moustache, professor style, before shaving it off and thus demoting yourself to a lower level of cool.

This may be accompanied by a hair cut that really was needed.
What a Manav!
by iaj47 October 17, 2010
A sluty guy with a tic tac dick .
Antara:fick me karan. Karan:i cant i am a manav .
by Karan rajan September 02, 2012

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