slang for someone who's a fool/boob
"Bobby is such a FOOB! can you believe he looked at the answers on cathy's test while the teacher was looking?!"
by jelimi May 27, 2004
the image: you see what appears to be the fleshy breasts ...of oh wait, a man? wait, that isnt a chest!


simply, fat + boobs = foobs

the fleshy breast like rolls of fat on backs and near the shoulder blades, even on the side, or stomach, depending on the number of lumps...
Mrs. Lavine wore a blue dress that showed all her foobs.


that kid's foobs just rubbed past me in the hallway; they were even all sweaty and wiggly.
by bob sherman September 09, 2004
a fucking noob(not a typo like the other guy said)
Quit following you foob.`
by midnightwolf April 03, 2007
Foobs are really, really, fat boobs, belonging to girls who are fat, commonly with girls who also have flub. Many of these girls love to wear tank tops three sizes too small, and hang out their foobs. Don't be fooled: Not all fat girls do this: just the ones who think they can get away with it.
Check out that chick! Her foobs are a mile out!
by *~skinnybitchLEIKOMG*~ February 25, 2007
Somethin i made up.
When someone is so goddamn stupid that there not quite a fool and not quite a boob so they is a foob
Person A: Hey yo I just put a stink bomb in the microwave thats in the teacher's lounge.
Person B:You goddamn foob what the fuck were you thinking
by Dhaggy Fresh March 30, 2005
Used in reference to breasts on a woman comprised mainly of fat. i.e. If she were to change genders, the boobs would remain more or less the same size.
Raf: Dude look at the tits on Jessica!

Pete: What are you talking about man? She's a whale; those are foobs!
by Stongbah July 12, 2006
Semi retarded computer geek that has no social life.
Stupid fuckin Foob, get a life.
by Anonymous March 20, 2003

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