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7 definitions by jelimi

slang for having sex
"Bobby and Janey went into his car after the party and then...hoo hoo HOO!"
by jelimi May 27, 2004
12 8
explicit song by Ludacris
"ROPES AND HANDCUFFS! (what?!) fuck meee!"
by Jelimi June 14, 2004
16 15
Word said in place of "shit" when you realize you're in a crowd where the use of shit would be frowned upon.
"Oh, shi-shiznitch!!" Bob said as he accidentally spilled his soda while he was watching a Disney movie while babysitting his nephew.
by Jelimi June 14, 2004
6 6
No particular association with male genitalia. nickname of my friend kelly that none of us remember how she got that nickname but we think it started last halloween when i went into a costume store and i saw a costume that was.....yadayadayadayada....
*sniff* i miss my favorite little phallete
by jELiMi May 20, 2004
1 3
this somehow became my nickname. it has nothing to do in particular with male genitalia. (i think...)
"Phallusnosity!! Stop humping that table!"
by jELiMi May 20, 2004
0 3
slang for someone who's a fool/boob
"Bobby is such a FOOB! can you believe he looked at the answers on cathy's test while the teacher was looking?!"
by jelimi May 27, 2004
16 32
a random nonsensical word made up by me and my bff
to tune of 'she bangs'

she yoogs! she yoogs! oh baby, when she cacks! she cacks!
by jELiMi May 20, 2004
0 27