Semi retarded computer geek that has no social life.
Stupid fuckin Foob, get a life.
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
Formerly known as God, title not used anymore due to promotion.
Thou shalt not bow down to other pagan gods, or Bobs.
by the deity March 21, 2003
Contraction meaning "Fucking boobs"
Quinn: hey check out those funbags
Jroh: yeah dude, those are some foobs.
by Soapadisiac September 19, 2006
Little bitches who run around after young boys and fat men, and threaten neighbors who do not wish to be raped with small plastic guns that shoot small plastic bb's, comparative with their own body parts.
Please Foob, don't jam that up my ass!
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
common term for a reconstructed breast post mastectomy
Nice foobs! Who's you surgeon?
by BRCA2&+ June 19, 2016
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