fugly noob
patrick ho is a big foob
by tinanguyenster February 14, 2009
a kid who plays video games, that is not only a fucking noob but a faggot too. Usually uses the grenade launcher in Call of Duty, or camps the whole game using a fucking sniper rifle in battlefield bad company 2 in a game of rush.
Okay thats just great, everyone in my squad is dead except for the sniper guy whos all the way at our spawn, so now i have to fucking waste 10 minutes of my life just getting to where the battle is happening, what a foob!!!
by Schmuck Bag August 02, 2010
To suck or lick the breasts.
Omg, I can not believe you guys foobed! he's hideous.

Well He was pretty good at foobing, not gonna lie.
by imafoober November 03, 2009
1: Combination of foolish and noob (newbie). Insulting term used to convey inexperience and idiocy.

2: Conjuncative of "fucking noob". Insulting term used to scorn inexperience. Usually used in competative games.

3: Combination of fool and boob. Used to denote foolish behaviour.

4: Fat boobs. Nuff said.
1:"Man you're such a foob."
2:"You Goddam Foob! You made me lose a point!"
3:"Don't be such a foob."
4:"Mmmm bouncy foobs."
by The_Gremlin October 27, 2007
another reference to a "man tit."
"Dude, did you see that guys foobs?"
by Andrew and company December 22, 2007
Foob is a combination of the Acronym FOB (fresh of the boat) and Noob. When a fob is being dumb or dont know what it is they are talking about, you can just call them a foob.
Example : Hey Marcel you're a foob.
by spiderlurk3r February 09, 2007
Derived from the clothing line F.U.B.U. To be a hip-hop/urban dork.
The club was infested with foobs.
by Bro Bro September 21, 2007

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