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a homemade envelope made from a piece of paper...used to hold Cocaine.
Roger dropped his fold and everyone saw, now he won't admit it is his.
by caslo September 21, 2005
55 53
to back down from any thing
"he wont fight, he just folds"
by De$per8 June 11, 2004
210 67
A verb meaning that someone sucks horribly, and fails at almost everything. Origins; Chaminade College, Tronto.
You failed that open book test. You fold!
by Mr. Dark October 04, 2006
121 84
1. To Bitch Out

2.The act of accepting you are a Bitch.
1. The cops stopped us and Ron Folded. He showed the cops the weed instead of hiding or ditching it.

2. After finding out Roxanne fucked other people while she was dating him, Jerry told her to go home, but after 5 minutes He folded and got back together with her.
by Alarm2202 August 31, 2009
53 26
pussy, vagina, bushy choot, cunt, giney, fanny, muff, poon, cooch, pit, vice grip.........
1) she got the cock into her pulsing folds
by m.b.foroughi May 01, 2010
43 25
The overlapping rolls of fat on an obese person.
I put a peanut on my stomach and when I sat down it disappeared between my folds.
by Maia M. March 31, 2006
27 14
to fall down
I tried an ollie up a ledge. I caught my back trucks on the edge and folded.
by Pseudonym???? February 24, 2009
22 16
To beat someone down, knock their ass out.
I dont care if that fool is a marine, if he runs up, ill fold that bitch
by Will January 04, 2005
50 45