A bunch of ignorant italians that argue about the dumbest shit on the planet
Dont be a bunch of Folds
by Falcoon January 30, 2014
fucking cold
It´s fold outside, eh?
by reueaglla December 25, 2009
Fucking Old.

When something gets soo old it becomes Fucking Old..or Fold.
My car is Fold. My computer is getting Fold.
by Drye April 18, 2011

1. to fail at anything

2. a failure
That game folded within days of it's release.
by Light Joker April 23, 2007
noun. describing something that has failed, as in a bad hand in cards.
he missed that shot! what a fold!
by JMUwkt December 21, 2005
The instance in which someone is laughing so hysterically that their laugh becomes silent. The uncontrolled laughter then causes others in the area to laugh.
P1: Did you see that?!?!
P2: ........
P1: Oh, you're folding. Hahaha.
by shot0fclarity08 April 13, 2009
a mispronounciation or MISSPELLING of folks it has generally the same meaning as folks but it is commonly used to back down from things
rosa's folds will smash her head between two heavy bricks because she is special.
by cboy August 22, 2004
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