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1) Noun referring to the female sex organ, the vagina
Stephanie Brown has a gigantic, gaping giney.
by Alawishes April 28, 2006
Scary Movie 2 term for vagina.
"...the penises and the gineys"

i have a giney for the thecth.
by taylor March 20, 2003
1. A referral to a womans vagina
2. A mispronounciation of Janey
1. The man laughed as he said farewell to the giney
2. GINEY! Come and help me!
by Emmerly May 22, 2006
a word which originated from the mouths of brooke and nicki meaning "vagina"
Owen get that giney outta yo mouth.
by queen b and gloria April 12, 2004
Small, bunny-haired, gaping, sex crazed hyndman giney. Must have its daily amounts of jizzica. wears crappy clothes and supports shitty man united. has a gay bag for college and aspires to one day have a sweaty boff.
tom hyndman is a dirty hyndman giney
by Arron Holmes September 13, 2007
When a woman is cocky, or possibly chauvinistic.
That chick things she is so great. She is so giney!
by Joe Pintozzi May 03, 2007